The process of manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry requires the use of very specialized materials. While the specific products can vary, one of the most prized materials is known as WS2 tungsten disulfide. There are many benefits to this particular material and its many qualities.

Low Friction

There are times in high altitudes when no amount of lubrication is going to work properly or as well as you think it should. However, tungsten disulfide has a natural level of low friction that can overcome any limitations that the lubricant may have.

Lowered Emissions

Since friction between moving parts is reduced, the emissions that are put forth by the engine are dramatically reduced. This not only saves on fuel but is also much better for the environment as well. While perhaps not able to be legally labeled as “green,” it is still much better than the alternatives.

Reduced Repairs

If moving parts are under constant friction, this also leads to the constant need for repair. In turn, parts that are under repair mean that there is unwanted downtime that correlates with the repair. Downtime equates to lost money when it comes to your company’s bottom line.

Constant Thickness

It is not uncommon for the coating to shift thicknesses when it is made from inferior materials. This is due to molecular shift caused when heated. However, WS2 tungsten disulfide particles are not able to bond to each other so the coating is always a constant thickness.

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