Vacuum Environments

Vacuum Environments - Dicronite Texas

Widely used for its high performance under vacuum conditions (ultra-low outgassing per ASTM E595), wide temperature range (cryogenic to +1316°C at 10-14 torr) and precision thickness (0.5 micron maximum), Dicronite® is the vacuum equipment industry’s top dry lubrication technology. Meets AMS2530 specification. ISO-AS9100 certified, NADCAP accredited, TS-16949 compliant facilities. Companies including NASA, General Dynamics and Lockheed rely on Dicronite® dry lubrication for:

  • Vacuum pump bearing lubrication
  • Linear and rotational motion devices in satellites and space vehicles
  • Rivets and connectors in space vehicles
  • Actuators and valves
  • Lubricating and reducing fretting of titanium, stainless steel and aluminum components in electron microscope