When you run industrial machines, they obviously need to be well-lubricated. However, not all lubricants are the same. In fact, low-quality products can do just as much damage as if you were not using any lubricant at all. This is why, in most cases, only tungsten disulfide lubricant should be used. There are many reasons why this is so.

Overcomes Problems

If your machinery is having issues keeping lubricant on the actual moving parts, then you definitely need a new product. Lower quality brands may not have the proper viscosity to coat the parts for a long enough period of time to be effective. This is not a concern when you use tungsten disulfide as it has all the desired properties to make it a valued and effective lubricant.

Lower Emissions

When applied to motors and engines, the reduced friction it causes also lowers the emissions that the motor puts forth because it is undergoing significantly less stress than when it is forced to do more work.

Reduced Maintenance

When the parts are properly lubricated, you will have much fewer maintenance issues because the lubricant is protecting the machinery and all moving parts exactly as it is supposed to be doing.


Tungsten disulfide lubricant is very durable and resistant to many typical forms of damage that lesser lubricants can sustain. Corrosive industrial chemicals, heat distortions, and many other reactive aspects will simply not affect this.

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