Disulfide dry lubrication technology is an excellent solution in different industries, including defense, aerospace, plastic molding, mechanical equipment, etc. A reliable lubricant product helps to streamline activities in many companies. Equipment that uses the product for lubrication can run for a significant amount of time, boosting the level of efficiency and productivity of the company.

The product is also highly useful in the pharmaceutical industry. It can lubricate endosurgery tools, fluid pumps, valves, and threaded connectors. Drug manufacturing companies also use it for producing sophisticated molded drug delivery devices. Besides, it reduces sticking in filling and sorting equipment. Read on for more.

Ws2 Tungsten Disulfide

The product has several features that make it an ideal lubrication solution for use in space. Primarily, it has high precision tolerance due to its extreme temperature range and low outgassing.

The Ws2 Tungsten Disulfide discovery was a result of Nasa’s space program. It is a dry lubricant with high radiation stability for use in space.

Industries prefer the dry lubricant because of its superior performance as a semi-conductor. Strong adhesion and temperature stability under vacuum conditions make it a highly effective semi-conductor and ideal for use in vacuum environments.

Most food processing industries in Texas also rely on the dry lubricant in ovens and baking machinery applications. Dicronite® dry lubrication has an outstanding level of biocompatibility for food processing purposes. High-temperature stability, among other features, makes Tungsten Disulfide a top-notch lubricant in many industries.

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