Looking for a high-end lubricant product for your business? A buyer from big tech, medical, or government-industry who already knows what they are looking for, then you have landed upon the correct information. Or, perhaps having never heard of this dry lubricant?

Dicronite is one of the best dry lubricants available, and here’s why. Dicronite® is a tungsten disulfide (WS2), solid lubricant coating. With its extremely thin coating, it provides friction that improves performance in various applications across many industries. It is also sterile enough to be used in industries that have higher quality needs, like the medical field.

Industries like Aviation, Defense, Plastics, Molds, Medical, Mechanical Equipment, Semiconductor, and the Food Processing industries all need and use dry lubrication technology. For example, dry lubrication is valued in the aviation industry for more than one reason. The main reason dry lubrication is needed is because of its ultra-low friction and precision tolerances. Other reasons include the wide temperature range that medical device lubricant technology requires of (-188°C to +538°C). Also, its low-temperature application process makes it the ideal product, indeed!

More on Dry Film Lubricant Coating

Dicronite application: Dicronite lubricant is applied at a licensed coating facility. After professional surface preparation, Dicronite dry lubricant impinges on the substrate surface. The coating process is conducted at room temperatures. The material

includes no binders or adhesives and requires no curing. Dicronite can be re-applied without extensive stripping.

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