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Dicronite was developed as a part of NASA’s space program. Dicronite dry lubrication is the trusted dry lubrication technology for the Defense, Aerospace, Plastic Molding, Medical Devices, Mechanical Equipment, Semiconductor and Food Processing industries.
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High-Quality Ws2 Tungsten Disulfide

Originally developed as part of NASA’s space program, our tungsten disulfide lubricant is now used in many industries, including aerospace, medical devices, defense, food processing, mechanical equipment, and more. Dicronite has a long-standing reputation for providing the highest quality aerospace coating in the form of Ws2 dry lubricant to give our customers confidence that they’re getting a reliable product that will improve the function of their equipment. These ultra-low friction coatings prevent overheating and ensure smooth operations.

A Reliable Anti-Friction Coating

As you search for the best ultra-low friction coatings, it’s no surprise that a product developed for use by NASA would provide the best results. With Ws2 tungsten disulfide, you will find an excellent solution for a medical device lubricant, mold release, and more. As an anti-friction coating, we give you our assurance that your equipment won’t overheat or seize up during operations. When your equipment needs repairs, our tungsten disulfide lubricant doesn’t have to be removed, ensuring faster, more efficient repairs.

Enjoy Simple Application

One reason many companies rely on our aerospace coating for their Ws2 dry lubricant needs is due to its ease of application. The lubricant can be applied at room temperature with dry air. You won’t have to use any binders, adhesives, or carriers to apply 2s2 tungsten disulfide with no cure time required. It’s a fast, simple solution for your equipment lubrication needs. Order your tungsten disulfide lubricant and find out why it’s a trusted option for NASA and many other industries.

What is Dicronite®

Dicronite® dry lubrication is the original brand of modified tungsten disulfide (WS2), developed for NASA and patented in 1965. Registered as DL5®, Dicronite is dry air applied at ambient temperatures, requiring no cure time, binders, adhesives or carriers. It provides an ultra-low coefficient of friction and a maximum thickness of 0.5 microns which does not affect precision tolerances. This trademarked form of modified WS2 bonds to many substrates. It does not require removal prior to repairs, facilitating onsite or in-field repairs and can be reapplied over itself without expensive stripping.

Our Industries

Aviation / Defense

Dicronite® dry lubrication is valued by the aviation industry for its ultra-low friction, precision tolerances (maximum 0.5-micron thickness) and wide temperature range (-188°C to +538°C), as well as its low-temperature application process that does not affect the more exotic metals used in cutting-edge defense applications. Learn More


Dicronite® dry lubrication’s extreme temperature range (-188 °C to +1316 °C in 10-14 torr vacuum), extremely low outgassing (10x or more below ASTM E595 criteria), precision tolerance (maximum 0.5-micron thickness) and radiation stability are key to its wide use in space. Meets AMS2530 specification. Learn More

Plastics & Molds

Dicronite® dry lubrication’s proven ability to increase flow and speed-up release, resulting from its high lubricity and precision tolerance (0.5 microns max.), coupled with low application temperature, high-temperature stability, and non flaking properties, make it the plastics industries key dry lubrication technology. Learn More

Medical & Pharmaceutical

With its compliance with ISO-10993 biocompatibility and USP Class 6 standards and resistance to aggressive sterilization procedures including autoclave and gamma radiation, Dicronite® dry lubrication provides reliable, proven performance for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Meets AMS2530 specification. Learn More

Food Processing

Dicronite® dry lubrication’s biocompatibility per ISO-10993, FDA repeat use, and USDA incidental ////https://dicronite-texas.com/contact/ approvals have lead to its use in the food processing industry. Due to its high-temperature stability (+538°C), Dicronite® dry lubrication is commonly used in oven and baking related applications. Learn More


Dicronite® dry lubrication is valued by the automotive industry for its ultra-low friction, precision tolerances (maximum 0.5-micron thickness) and wide temperature range (-188°C to +538°C). Meets AMS2530 specification. ISO-AS9100 certified, NADCAP accredited, TS-16949 compliant facilities. Learn More

Medical Equipment

Dicronite® dry lubrication is used by the mechanical equipment industry for mechanical applications where reducing friction and heat and improving performance are critical. Vacuum stable, radiation stable, Liquid (LOX) and gaseous oxygen compatible, Dicronite® dry lubrication is widely used as a primary lubricant or co-lubricant. Learn More


With its precise lubrication tolerances, superior performance under vacuum conditions, temperature stability, and strong adhesion (non-contaminating), Dicronite® dry lubrication is valued for its ability to meet the stringent performance requirements of the semiconductor equipment industry. Learn More

Vacuum Environments

Widely used for its high performance under vacuum conditions (ultra-low outgassing per ASTM E595), wide temperature range (cryogenic to +1316°C at 10-14 torr) and precision thickness (0.5 micron maximum), Dicronite® is the vacuum equipment industry’s top dry lubrication technology. Learn More